MEGAWHEELS and LEQISMART are 2 brands of our company. MEGAWHEELS is focusing on cost-effective electric scooters, while LEQISMART is focusing on smart electric scooters for daily commuting purpose.

MEGAWHEELS -Make Travel Happier and Freer

Megawheels, founded in 2016, is a high-tech private enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales. Its main products are intelligent short-distance transport tools, and it is committed to providing global customers with intelligent physical interaction and intelligent robot technology in the field of short commuting.


  • In terms of brand and channel operation, Megawheels has accumulated a large number of experienced talents in the industry for several years, and established a first-class brand marketing and operation team;
  • In R&D, Megawheels gathers R&D technicians in the industry, forms a professional and innovative R&D team, and establishes a big data center to support R&D team;
  • We have warehouses and after-sales service centers in the US, UK, Japan and Europe, and our products can be found in many major marketplaces and retailers, including but not limited to: Amazon, eBay and Official Website. We have also accumulated a large number of offline distribution agents in the US, UK, Ireland, Italy and other countries to carry out direct sales to our overseas warehouses. The products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions around the world. Megawheels is among the top sellers in the global sales and has recorded good sales in 2021, with quarterly total sales reaching the Top 5 of the same category, becoming the head seller of the scooter vertical field.
  • In addition, we also have collaboration with some foreign news media to push our brand to target market faster, improve brand awareness and let potential customers who want to buy electric scooters in the future think of our MEGAWHEELS brand.


Now you can see Megawheels electric scooters in more than 20 countries in the US and Europe. Megawheels will continue to explore the field of short smart transportation, provide more intelligent short distance travel products and services for customers around the world, lead the global smart travel wind, truly become the leader of short smart transportation! We are committed to creating better products by providing the best working conditions for our beloved employees.

LEQISMART -Smart travel, Dares to Imagine

LEQISMART, another brand of our company, is a global brand focusing on intelligence short commuting. Following the footsteps of the intelligence era, LEQISMART brings a new revolution to the field of electric scooter with breakthrough technology innovation. It has become a leader in the field of intelligence commuting and short transportation vehicles.

Brand Vision:

Focus on intelligent short commuting, making products that appeal to young people, leading the trend of future travel.