Why Do You Choose EB07 Electric Bike?

Why Do You Choose EB07 Electric Bike?

Many people love electric bikes because they are lightweight, fashionable, and practical. There are many electric bike brands on the market and the prices range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. To avoid an unpleasant experience, it is important to not just follow the trend but focus more on the actual functions when purchasing an electric bike.

How do you choose an electric bike?

The convenience and efficiency of electric bikes are a major advantage. How do we select the right electric bike for ourselves? Many people are also concerned about this topic. We concluded these are the four main aspects to consider when purchasing an electric bike. Let’s see how Megawheels EB07 works.

  • Safety
Safety is the number one concern when buying an electric vehicle. The brakes of electric bicycles are the safety device that protects riders. The safety of the cyclist and their property is directly affected by the reliability of the brakes on an electric vehicle, especially when it speeds up or falls downhill.

The two common braking systems for e-bikes are mechanical and hydraulic disc brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes are usually more expensive than mechanical disc brakes. It is unfair to claim that hydraulic brakes are better than mechanical brakes since they serve different purposes.

What is the difference between hydraulic and mechanical disc brakes? The way the two brake systems are connected from brake lever to caliper is the key. The mechanical disc brakes use a cable to pull on the caliper. This requires strong pulling to apply enough stopping power to bring it to a halt. Instead, hydraulic disc brakes rely on fluid-based systems. By pulling your brake lever, the fluid pushes your caliper against your wheel rotor to bring it down.

  • Double disc brake system
Megawheels EB07 uses a mechanical 140mm disc brake, double brake system (including front brake and rear brake) safe to drive.

Less expensive
Easier to fix
Easier to replace
More adjustable
More versatile braking feedback

Mechanical disc brakes are easier to fix. And once they wear out, they’re much more straightforward to replace than hydraulic disc brakes. Riders can adjust the braking systems according to different situations.

  • Battery life
The battery life of an electric bike is affected by its weight, driving style, weather conditions, and external factors. The endurance of electric bikes is affected by many factors. The general rule of thumb is that the longer you ride, the more weight you have, the faster the battery will be consumed. The endurance will be affected by frequent acceleration, deceleration, and braking. Bad weather, high temperature and low temperature, wind speed, bad weather, and high temperatures will also impact endurance. Also, the endurance will be affected by uphill and downhill. These factors are not known, but the main factor that affects battery life is how the electric bike is configured, including the motor, battery, and control methods.

Most brands currently have a falsely high nominal battery lifetime. Although the advertised battery life is high, customers have experienced a significant decrease in their battery life. It is not only because the manufacturer claims this number is high, but also because it tests battery life under ideal conditions. However, the actual customer's weight and driving speed will vary, which can cause a significant discrepancy in the customer experience.

  • Outstanding performance
Megawheels EB07 e-bike equips with a 7500mAh/36v lithium rechargeable battery which supports a range of 18-20km. it has three working modes PAS mode reaches 30-40km, enjoy the fast speed. electronic mode 18-20km for a normal drive, the non-assistance mode allows you to exercise yourself. Ride Megawheels, and enjoy the freedom you have.

  • Performance and price
How can you choose the best electric bike for your budget? There are two main types of electric bikes available on the market: adult and child models.

The most popular type of electric bike on the market is the adult bike. These bikes are heavier than the electric bikes for children and have a stronger motor, larger battery, larger deck, and a longer stem. A lot of electric bikes for kids can be purchased for as low as $300, while a bike for an adult might cost you at least $600.

Children's and teenager-friendly electric bikes are typically smaller, more affordable, and lighter than their adult counterparts. These bikes are often made from durable materials such as plastic and have weak motors. They may also be low in energy density. Children should not use electric bikes to drive on the streets.

  • Foldable and lightweight
Megawheels EB07 e-bike weighs 16kg and is easy to carry and storge, it is also suitable for teenagers to use, it only cost you $ 479.00 now, much cheaper than many other e-bikes on the market. Whether for fun or daily commuting, Megawheels is the most cost-effective choice.

  • After-sales guarantee
The market for electric bikes at the moment is chaotic. There are many illegal products on the market, and quality is not always guaranteed. Consumers are exposed to a great deal of danger. When buying a car, make sure to check the after-sales warranty.

You must select a reliable, professional after-sales service and a high reputation product. You should also check if there is an online and offline after-sales service to ensure the follow-up guarantee.

One thing to mention is whether the electric bike has been certified by an international authority such as ISO9001. CE, BSCI. REACH. SGS. UN38.3, MSDS.

Megawheels supports a 30-days return policy. If the customer doesn’t satisfy with our product, a return and refund request can be applied within 30 days for no reason. Besides, we provide a one-year warranty, once customers purchase our product and something wrong occurs, our after-sales customer service will help to fix the product and give a satisfying result.

  • Conclusion
Electric bicycles have brought great convenience to our lives and work. Faced with a dazzling array of electric vehicle markets, we should learn how to correctly choose a product that suits us. If it is for daily use, I really recommend Megawheels EB07 electric bike here. It is affordable and durable which gives us a good reason why we should choose it.
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