What Size Stunt Scooter Should You Get?

What size of stunt scooter should you get?

Scooter is a fun and healthy activity. Whether you are an adult, a teenager, or a child, the scooter can meet everyone's needs. However, buying an electric scooter for your child can be a daunting task. This is because the market is flooded with scooters of different types, shapes, sizes, and designs. In this article, we will mainly discuss the size of the scooter suitable for children.

It is very important that your kids are in the correct position when they are on the scooter. The correct position mainly depends on the height of the children and the scooter. The inappropriate height of the scooter is likely to hurt their arm and back muscles, especially when they ride on the scooter for a long time.

The height of the scooter should be fit your child's height. It is best to stand straight and the back should not be bent. The arms should be as straight as possible, but the elbows should be slightly bent. When the child is standing next to the scooter, the handlebars should be around the child's chest height. Since there are many handlebars that are adjustable in height, this won't be a big problem.

The importance of choosing a suitable size of a scooter

A beautiful dress must, first of all, fits your figure, so the scooter is the same, choose the right size, and the children can have fun. Choosing a scooter of the right size can ensure the safety of your child and the experience of the child in the riding process. 

Safety: This is the main reason why the size of children's scooters is so important. Parents want their children to be safe. If they don't have a scooter that fits their body shape, they will not be safe. In addition, it is necessary to purchase supporting safety equipment.

Comfort: You don’t want your children to feel unwell during the ride, do you? Well, this happens if the scooter is too big or too small for him/her. You need a scooter that can hug him/her properly so that they don't feel any discomfort.

Quick learning: If you give your child the right scooter, then he/she will learn the scooter more easily and faster. Since people tend to perform better with the appropriate tools, the same rules apply here.

How do choose the right size of scooter for children?

Choose by height: This is one of the most commonly used parameters when choosing the perfect size of a children's scooter. You should measure your child's height and then buy a scooter based on the height chart.

For example, a child with a height between 95-112 cm should choose a scooter with a height below 70 cm. The deck height should not exceed 70 cm.

With a height of about 112-126 cm, the height of the scooter is 60 to 75 cm

a height of about 126 to 150 cm and a height of 65 to 90 cm.

Starting from the age of 15, buying a suitable adult scooter depends mainly on the height of the child. Note: The handlebar setting range of different models may be different.

Looking for an adjustable scooter body: There are many high-end scooters that can be easily adjusted according to the needs of users. You can try to buy one of them because they can save you a lot of trouble and a lot of money at the same time.

Choose according to the size of the feet: some children have larger feet than others. Therefore, you should determine the size of the scooter according to the size of your child's feet, and then determine the size of the deck accordingly. The so-called footboard height determines the comfort/hardness of riding a scooter. The higher the footboard, the lower the child must squat, and the sooner their legs start to ache. Therefore, take the pedal height as one of the main parameters, and the footboard height is 7-8 cm for scooters. It provides sufficient comfort and good traversal of all terrains. The higher the footboard is from the ground, the more they can overcome uneven terrain.

Choose the size of the wheels: Scooter wheels are another important aspect of children's (or any other) scooters, and they must not be ignored. The wheels of the scooter are hit hardest, it is the most exposed part of the scooter, and it does all the hard work for you.


Generally, larger wheels provide greater stability for riding, allowing them to perform well on uneven terrain and provide higher speeds. The wheels are small and sink into the smallest holes, so they are also quite dangerous. Even on common interlocking sidewalks or cobblestones, there is a risk of children falling over the handlebars. But larger wheels are not always the best for you. If you buy a scooter for your child, it is best to avoid using larger wheels. Larger wheels make it difficult for new riders to ride because they are relatively harder to control and require more effort in learning.

In addition, scooters with pneumatic wheels are a little heavier, but they can handle various surfaces well and can easily get over potholes, tram tracks, and pebbles.


If your child grows too fast, you probably think it’s better to choose a bigger scooter because he will eventually grow up with it. Just as it is not recommended to buy shoes that are a few sizes larger, you should not choose a larger scooter. In fact, larger and heavier scooters will be difficult for children to operate. The frustrating experience may make them give up learning scooters altogether, and worse, there will be safety risks. Riding a scooter can cultivate children's motor skills, sense of balance, and the most important thing is to bring sports fun in the fresh air. If you buy a high-quality scooter, it will last for generations of children. If you have no one to pass it on, you can also easily sell second-hand children's products in one of the bazaars.

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