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Do you still have questions about "Why to buy a hoverboard?" or "Is it worth the cost?"? Then these reasons will clear your doubts.

Eco-friendly: If you are an environmentalist, then it should be the most important reason to get a hoverboard today since the fact that they are absolutely environmentally friendly. Those two-wheeled, hands-free hoverboards are powered with strong Lithium-ion certified batteries UL2272 so that they are no harm to the environment.

Keep healthy: You can burn calories by riding a hoverboard. This is provided that you maintain a consistent posture and keep your balance. A hoverboard can help you burn 300 calories per hour if you use it for just half an hour each day. Riding a self-balanced hoverboard makes losing fat much easier and more enjoyable.

Save money: You can save fuel money by riding a self-balancing scooter, instead of driving your car/motorbike around the blocks. Hoverboards are powered by batteries so you can save lots of fuel money. So you can save hundreds of dollars every month by purchasing an electric hoverboard.

How to Choose a Hoverboard?

Hoverboards are a popular mode of transportation and a rising trend. No matter adults or kids all want to get one. There are many hoverboards on the market, all with different specifications and designs makes it difficult for buyers to choose the right hoverboard for them. Here we have some tips for you to help choose the most suitable one for you.



It has a huge impact on whether you buy a product. It is often found that the price factor outweighs all other factors. However, pricing should not be the only consideration when buying a hoverboard. Safety is the main concern here, so saving money on a hoverboard may end up costing you more. This means that when you make a decision to buy a self-balancing scooter, it is important to consider safety and features as well as the price.

Prices for hoverboards range from $100 to $1,000. There are many affordable hoverboards on the market that provide a premium user experience, so it's not necessary to purchase the most expensive hoverboard.



There are two things that need your consideration: the product's weight and its ability to bear.

Because if you plan to travel to other cities for vacations or other reasons, product weight is important. Does this item have special hoverboard bags? Can I take it anywhere I want? Even if you're not traveling, product weight is important. This is because you need to charge and place the products in your home. It is important to consider this issue.

The second is the weight limit that a hoverboard can support. You must determine the maximum weight that the rider can carry. Many products can support a maximum weight of up to 400 lb. The average person's weight is less than 100kg, so a hoverboard of 220 lb is sufficient.



You should also consider speed when buying a hoverboard. A hoverboard should be capable of traveling between 5 km/h and 15 km/h. These hoverboards faster than 10 km/h is high-speed hoverboards for a great adventure. If you're new to hoverboarding and have never used one before, you can stick with 5 km/h for some practice.



Hoverboards can be described as personal, portable vehicles that weigh between 20 and 30 pounds. Many manufacturers offer a carry bag for hoverboards that can be used for short distances. It is small enough to hold the scooter but not too heavy. If you plan on using your portable hoverboard outdoors or running it for longer periods of time, the charger will also be necessary.



A battery's main characteristics are its capacity to hold a charge, how fast it can speed up, and how long it can last. It is clear that hoverboard chargers are a key factor in charging the battery and it is important to determine how many Voltages the battery can handle and its output. Then, check the overcharging function. Finally, make sure that it has short-circuited protection. To indicate the charging status of a battery, it must have indicator lights that are predominantly red and green. The battery should be environment-friendly. Last, but not least, a UL-certified battery means that it is safe to use.



A standard hoverboard wheel measures 6.5 inches in diameter. This is enough for beginners to grasp. You can get eight- or ten-inch wheels to ride on hilly terrains and grassy patches. These boards are great for riding on uneven surfaces but it is difficult to ride indoors with these boards. The six-inch wheel is best for riding on smooth surfaces and learning to ride.



The range refers to how far your hoverboard can travel in a fully charged battery. This range is usually between 7-15 miles. This is a good range to enjoy all the fun and frolic. It may also include more expensive brands.


Charging Time

The charging time for different brands varies and the best ones take less time to charge. It will take your hoverboard between 2 and 3 hours to charge, so make sure you prepare it for the next day.


Safety Tips

It doesn't matter how strange it may seem to wear a helmet when riding a hoverboard. However, it is essential that you use safety gear. Safety gear is mandatory for all hoverboard riders, regardless of their level.

For hoverboard riding, you will need to have a helmet, elbow, knee, wrist, and tailbone protector. Protective equipment reduces the chance of you getting hurt especially if you are first riding the hoverboard. It also gives you some peace of mind.




Choosing a hoverboard is not going to be easy, you must consider comprehensive factors. We hope this buying guide for hoverboards will be a great help. All the important and essential factors mentioned above for all hoverboards. Please ensure that the hoverboard you are intending to buy is UL 2272 certified and that the rest characteristics are appropriate to your needs. Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

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