Electric Scooter Tips & Tricks for Trips

       If you are a student, you can see alumni passing by you racing on scooters on campus; if you are an office worker, there will always be figures riding on e-scooters in a crowded crowd... electric scooter is getting hot around us like this. Do you already have your own electric scooter? If you are a beginner then this article will help you become a qualified e-scooter rider.

It's actually much easier than you might think

      Think back to all the new and different things you've learned, even if they seemed daunting at first. You've proven that you can use an electric scooter even if you're a complete beginner if you have ever used a hoverboard or bicycle to get around. You wouldn't want to miss this great piece of technology because you had second thoughts.


The Basic Steps

  • Flip the latch at the base to unlock the scooter and ride it.
  • Press the 'on' switch to start your scooter. Check the information on your scooter's LED display, including the battery life indicator, if it has one. 
  • The handbrake is located on the handlebars. The majority of scooter brakes are sensitive so take it easy until you get more comfortable with your scooter.
  • To increase or decrease the power, you will use the throttle. You can start by pressing the throttle.
  • When you are ready to stop, you can use either the foot or hand brakes. Once you have reached your destination, remember to turn the scooter off. 
  • The next step is to fold the scooter up and engage the latch.
  • If necessary, you can check the instruction manual to learn more about your electric scooter and make sure everything is done.


Learn how to ride an electric bike

  • You should practice riding an electric scooter, just like you do with bike riding. While mistakes are inevitable, you'll learn more about pedaling and become more proficient.
  • It all comes down to choosing the best location for riding an electric scooter. To begin, choose an area that is wide enough. Traffic and walkers are not allowed to impede your freedom of movement. A Square with fewer crowds is a good place to start, and empty parking lots are often a great option. It's time for you to start once you have located the right place.
  • Practice is key when learning how to use an electric scooter. Do not lie to yourself you make it (because you cannot wait to have a try) but the truth is you know little about it( it is dangerous to go to the road like this), If you feel you need more practice, do not hesitate to return to that empty lot for more training!


    Take it easy

     Every person learns things at a different pace. Some people will be able to ride an electric scooter in no time, while others may take longer to learn how to balance. You don't have to be a complete beginner, no matter which beginner you are, choose a speed that is the most comfortable for you. Safety is the main concern when riding an electric scooter.


Can I ride an e-scooter when it rains?

The following is an e-scooter user’s personal experience:

      Fortunately, I have never been late since I bought an electric scooter. Work or party, arrive on time, save me money and time. The only problem is rainy days: I have ridden a scooter and wore a poncho in light rain and heavy rain. I can tell you that riding a scooter on a rainy day is very unpleasant and even dangerous.

      The first problem is skidding. At 25KM/h, my handlebar is 10cm wide, but I can't grasp the ground at all, the brakes can't stop, and the corners will slip, which is very dangerous. The only way is to reduce the speed to within 15km/h, and pay attention to surrounding conditions, drive safely.

      The second problem-getting wet. The front structure of the scooter is a pole, and the poncho will be folded together when the wind blows in the front. In other words, you can't block your legs at all. Basically, the pants and shoes will be soaked after riding down. Even if you wear a raincoat to cover up the whole body, the rain will blow sideways when riding, and you can hardly open your eyes. It is very dangerous to go on the road without seeing your surroundings. Therefore, a suggestion for users of electric scooters is: If you have to ride it in light rain, watch out and be very careful. Just forget it if it rains heavily.



     You can see that riding an electric scooter doesn't require a lot of skill. You will need to improve your balance and reflexes and familiarize yourself with the particular model's configuration.

     It can be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience to ride your favorite one. You will soon be able to ride, turn, and weave in and around traffic with a bit of practice and patience. It's important that you take it slow at first. Keep practicing in back streets and parking lots until you feel comfortable enough to ride around traffic, or in areas with more pedestrians.

      We hope you've learned all you can about electric scooters, and that you are able to enjoy one of the most enjoyable ways to explore the outdoors.

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