Why Did I Buy An E-scooter Instead of A Bentley

Commuting to work can be stressful with angry drivers and rush hour traffic. Let's switch to an electric scooter and take the stress out of the commute. We previously discussed the advantages of using an electric scooter to commute. We can see a scooter is used for short-distance trips and is more convenient and cheaper than public transportation, but how does it compare to a car? To answer these questions, let's take a look at the comprehensive situation of a scooter and a car.



Buying an electric scooter will be cheaper than buying a vehicle. Even if you're buying a used vehicle, it will still be far more expensive than buying a new e-scooter. A great scooter will cost you between $350 to $700. Although not a high-end model, it can be considered an average scooter, not the most powerful model but good enough to get you to work or school every day. According to experts in the auto market, the average price of a car in America is approximately $36,000. This is significantly more than the average cost of an electric scooter. An electric scooter may be the best alternative if you only use your car occasionally. The car may be required if you have pets or children who need to ride the scooter. You can still use your scooter for short trips when you are alone.



An experiment has shown that an electric scooter uses energy almost 100 times less than a regular vehicle. The average commute distance in the US is 5 miles. Fuel for your car will run you about $185 while an electric scooter will cost you only $3. Your car's fuel costs will go up 65x over the course of the year. An e-scooter is a great choice for those who commute less than 5 miles each way and don't require a car to get around. It will also be noted that up to 60% of US cars are used less than 5 miles every day. This means that you can travel faster and more conveniently on your scooter and use less fuel.



A family car can emit 7 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year which will be released into the atmosphere. The average electric car emits around 8 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, but this figure is likely to decrease over time. Mopeds use far less fuel than cars for the same trip. These small engines are great for the environment. A scooter's maneuverability means that you won’t get stuck in traffic and pump out CO2 while sitting still. It is an eco-friendly choice for school or to work.



A new electric scooter requires almost no maintenance. To ride an electric scooter, you will only need to have a sturdy jacket and trousers, gloves, and a crash helmet. Because electric scooters are smaller than cars, they require less maintenance. Although new cars have fewer maintenance requirements the cost of maintenance will increase over time. Repairing a car can cost several hundred dollars one time. Even you can do it all yourself. However, the process will take longer and will require more spare parts.



America is home to the most congested traffic areas in the world. Los Angeles is the top city on this list and New York is tied for second with Moscow. In the top 10, there are also San Francisco and Atlanta. If you live in these cities, cars can be a problem. Your commute can be made easier by cruising through the city's traffic which means your commute to work will be much more enjoyable if you don't spend half your day in traffic. Do you know that scooters or motorcycles are allowed to legally ride in certain bus lanes? You can ride your bike into the bus lane if the sign for the bus lane shows a motorcyclist. Please be aware that scooters or motorcycles are not allowed to ride in all taxi and bus lanes. Before you enter a bus lane, make sure you read the signs.



Parking spaces are a major headache for motorists. It is difficult enough to find a parking space, and even worse when you have to pay the parking fees. The truth is, your car is often parked than it is moving for the average car owner. Most of the cars in American are parked 95% of the time. Many major cities have bike parking lots that are free or street parking that you can use with an electric scooter. The electric scooter is easier to park than a car if you live in an apartment building where there are many cars or some places without a garage.



So, which is better: an e-scooter or a car? Use electric scooters to commute is a great option for daily commuters. The scooters are easier to park and require less maintenance.

Owning both can be a great solution for those who live further away or in the suburbs. The electric scooter folds up easily and can be stored in a very small area. It fits in most cars' trunks, and even your passenger seat.

Many places have safe storage areas for electric scooters. This will allow you to get through most traffic and return to your home or car. This is a much better option than sitting in your car and inhaling large amounts of exhaust particulates.

If living in a big city, I am willing to use the electric scooter to do daily chores and get to work. If go to somewhere farer I will choose public transportations. Living this way will help to lower my living expenses and reduce my carbon footprint. And I will be happy to make a little contribution to this big world.


Our blog will provide more information about how to choose an electric scooter.

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