Where Can I Use An Electric Scooter

People don’t know when they suddenly have a travel demand for the last kilometer. Some people say that they can walk for the last kilometer. What are you worried about? Why do you need tools?  The fact is that it is better to have a tool, it offers a new sense of possibility.


Compared with other commuting tools, electric scooter still has many advantages. At the very least, scooters are quick to use and basically don't need too much learning. After a few simple steps, the electric scooter can be folded. When folded, it will be very small. The length of the whole vehicle is less than one meter and it can be easily brought in Elevators, buses, and subway stations. It will not occupy a large space if it is placed in the trunk and office of the car. The operation is simple, and it can be handled easily both at first and during driving.


Now let's take a look at the occasions where electric scooters can be used


Go to work and get off

If your working distance is within 5km, you can directly choose the electric scooter as the means of transportation. If you take the bus, because most of the morning and evening rush hours are uncontrollable, you can get home when you wait for the bus


If you are far away from work, you can both take public transport and use electric scooters (generally electric scooters are more convenient to carry anyway). For example, the distance from your home to the subway station and the distance from the subway station to your destination. Calculate the time and choose the most appropriate route, I am sure you won’t be late again.


Go to school


If your home is close to the school, we strongly recommend electric scooters to you

Electric scooters are fun and safe, so your child can have some excitement. The majority of electric scooters for children cost less than $200, making them an affordable investment. One of the best electric scooters to help your child get some fresh air is the one you should consider. Children under 5 years old can use electric scooters that are specially designed for them. They are also limited in speed so they won't be able to go too fast.


Your child shouldn't ride an electric scooter without a helmet. And you can give your child extra protection by purchasing a pair of knee and elbow pads. Make sure you get wrist guards. If your child will be riding near the sundown, reflective gear is a great idea.


While college is an exciting moment in a person’s life, it can also be daunting to find your way around campus. It's a great way to commute to class from your dorm rooms using an electric scooter. You won't have to walk late to class looking like you just stumbled from bed, because your alarm went off. An electric scooter can be the quickest and easiest way around campus.

The distance from the dormitory to the classroom, the distance from the cafeteria to the dormitory, and the distance from the classroom to the library. These distances are not far but not near. If you are walking, it may waste a while, and in hot weather, you may sweat profusely.

Some students live outside the school, so it will be more convenient to use an electric scooter to do the commuting.


Explore a city

Whether you want to take a stroll outside or visit your friends in your free time but don't want to walk, then an electric scooter is your best choice. It can take you easily through the streets and alleys of the city without detouring, and worrying about time. It's very convenient to move wherever you want. and the price is cheaper than taking public transportation or taxis. Not to mention the time you spend looking for parking spaces when you drive out by yourself. You don't have to hunt for parking spots or learn about complicated public transit systems. It's an affordable, low-emission, easy way to travel, just treat it as a little contribution to the earth. There are unlimited stops, starts, and wander-backs.



In short, it is easy to use electric scooters. To get an electric scooter, you don't need to attend a driving school. You can also save money by not having to renew your license or pay for insurance. E-scooters can go places that a car can't, makes it easier to save time and take shorter routes, and is more efficient than a pedal bike in getting you to your destination.



An electric scooter is a fun personal transport vehicle that has caught the attention of urban and campus commuters around the globe. It's not hard to see why. They are a fun and eco-friendly way of getting around. The battery technology has improved making them lighter and more affordable than ever. MEGAWHEELS is a pioneer in combining innovative design with industry-leading features and family-friendly pricing. You can see more products on our websites.

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