MEGAWHEELS S1 Kids Electric Scooter Review

Today, we are going to write something about the Megawheels S1 electric scooter that is foldable, lightweight, beautiful looking and powerful, suitable for short distance riding, mainly for kids and riders not that fat.


  • Beautiful Design & Elegant Appearance

This S1 electric scooter is beautifully designed with its unique folding mechanism tube, two handlebars with a special texture, without line and cable exposure to the outside, and an attractive taillight. It is a lightweight electric scooter that only has a net weight of 7.5kg. With this feature, we can easily carry it everywhere when it is not a good chance to ride it. The height of the scooter is adjustable, and there are 3 height options for us to choose from, so no matter you are a kid or an adult, a rider can stand on the scooter very comfortably and no need to bend down or not high enough to handle it.

In the beginning, the line that connects the accelerate valve and brake valve to the motherboard or motor is located outside, which is obvious, not safe for riding, and will affect the aesthetic feeling for the whole vehicle. And with an effort of the engineering team, it has been improved. In the latest version, the line is designed to be hidden inside the body, which is a very good improvement for the scooter, I think.

The scooter features a kickstand just like other similar vehicle does, when you are not riding it and just want a break, you can easily place it on the floor by pushing the kickstand down.

  • Usability, Performance, and Feature

The Mega wheels S1 electric scooter has a powerful 200W motor that can lead to the highest speed of 23km/h. And it is equipped with a 5000mAh Lithium-ion battery, which promises the scooter with a range of 8-12 kilometers. When the battery runs out, it will need about 3 hours to recharge it so it can regain power again. Though the scooter has lightweight, it supports a max loading of 90kg with the help of the powerful motor that is installed under the pedal.

  • How to fold /unfold the scooter?

It can be folded in a few seconds. Pull up the tube of folding construction (if you feel it is a little tight, unscrew the holding screw anticlockwise and try again), then push down the front pole, when the bottom of the folding tube goes into the slot, the folding process is completed. And you can do almost the same thing when you want to expend (unfold) it and ride.

  • How to adjust the height of the extension pole?

1. Open the lock buckle of an extension pole.
2. Press down the height lock button (the metal bead in a hole of the extension pole), and pull the extension pole to the length (3 levels of height for options) to fit the rider's height. When the bead ejects from the hole, the height is fixed.
3. Close the lock buckle of the extension pole and finish.

  • Warm tips on how to ride the electric scooter

There is one important thing that I think I need to point out, the S1 electric scooter is designed to be a Non-zero start. Please remember that only press the accelerate throttle valve after powering on the scooter can not make it work. The rider should long-press the power button for 3 to 5 seconds to switch it on, then carefully step on the pedal with one foot, at the meantime, kick backward with the other foot to gain an initial velocity of about 10km/h, then press the accelerate throttle to give the scooter a constant power, and step your other foot on the pedal and keep balance.

Tips: When you get the electric scooter, turn it on, press the accelerate throttle and find that the wheel doesn’t move, don’t worry, follow the instructions above, the scooter will run then.

  • The rear brake of the S1 electric scooter

The scooter packs a rear brake with a taillight on it. It has the function of splash guard as well as the signal to tell people behind that there is a vehicle running there. After receiving the scooter, don't forget to unplug the insulating piece on the rear brake, only then can the rear light blink. The taillight carries a sensor, as long as the scooter is moving, the taillight will blink.

Actually, the rear brake is an emergency device, we use it only when the handbrake is not working or doesn't work well. Use the rear brake too often or stamp on it hard may lead to its broken (damaged) and abrade the rear wheel.

  • Conclusion: Perfect for short-distance use

The Megawheels S1 electric scooter is designed for short distances and produces zero emissions, making it completely safe for the environment. It is ideal for people getting around short distances like going to the metro area nearby, supermarket, school, and park, visiting the neighbors around, etc. If you are looking for a cheap electric scooter, then this model S1 will be a good choice for you. It is not going to break your budget and cut any viable features off either.

But if you are looking for an electric scooter that can support a longer distance or range, our S5 electric scooter with a 7.5Ah battery, more powerful motor, bright LED light, and disc brake is definitely one to consider.

Have any question for this electric scooter, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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