Black Friday Deals & Giveaway !

Black Friday is approaching and that means Black Friday sales are just around the corner. Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate, spend time with loved ones and eat delicious food. Have you ever thought that a Thanksgiving meal is meant to give you the energy you need to tackle Black Friday? Megawheels will be offering great deals on electric scooters and electric bikes this holiday season!

Making people happier and freer on the go is one of our top priorities, and this holiday season is the perfect time to finally grab the products you've been eyeing. With the holidays just around the corner, it's also a great time to order a gift for yourself or someone else at the best price.

Deals will start at 12:00 noon on Friday the 19th and run through Cyber Monday.

Black Friday Deals

You can also join our giveaway, so follow the rules to win!

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My account has the same address and mailing information and I still can’t buy one even after I saved all this money to run out of time to get a good offer


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