Basic Maintenance Tutorial For A6 Electric Scooter (updating)

The MEGAWHEELS A6 electric scooter is our entry-level smart electric scooter that was revealed at the end of 2022. It features 9" inflatable wheels, 5.2Ah battery and 250W motor, supports 25km/h max speed with 3 speed modes and has a range of about 18km per charge. Besides, it supports APP function, so you can control the scooter with your phone and it has a smart and beautiful light system.

MEGAWHEELS A6 electric scooter

Basic maintenance tutorials

The e-scooter supports 12 months warranty on our website, so we can handle most of the issue that it happens during your using the scooter. Besides, in order to help the users know more about the electric scooter and solve the frequent issue they meet, we are planning to write down the basic maintenance tutorial for the scooter on this post. So that the user can find the basic problem and tutorial to solve it here, and get the scooter working well again.

The basic maintenance will include remove and install the motor, remove the battery, repair the folding handle, fix the front fender, the front wheel, rear fender, taillight, atmosphere lights, etc.

Debugging the folding handle

    After riding the e-scooter for many times, the folding handle part may get loose so it is difficult to fold it firmly and the front pole may be shaking when riding, which is not safe. For this case, you can use the tool set to tighten it. The video is a tutorial to debug the folding handle, for your reference.

    Folding handle removal

    How to remove the folding handle?

    The first step is to use the screwdriver to turn the screw on the folding handle in the opposite direction, then turn the screw below and fix the nuts at other side, unscrew the screws and remove the fixing screws and nuts. Last, turn the handle in anticlockwise direction to unscrew the handle.  

    Folding handle mounting

    Now, we are going to install the folding handle on this step. First install /put the internal metal fitting into the handle groove, and then connect the handle with the accessory installed to the metal rod of the electric scooter pole, pay attention to aligning the groove, and rotate it to the fixed position according to the thread. And then take out the screw and pass it through the handle and the body to fix the two together, after putting the crew to the hole, install the nut on the other side and fix it with the two hexagon wrench. And last, tighten the screw on the other end to keep the handle secure. You can watch the video below and follow the instruction.

    Disassemble the motor

    When the back wheel (motor) is defective, we need to change it. First, how to disassemble the motor?

    1. Use a wrench to unlock the wheel. After removing the screw nut, leave the wheel loose.
    2. Lay the scooter on flat and use scissors or other tools to remove the gasket. 
    3. After taking out the gasket on both sides, you can carefully remove the wheel from the front fork. 
    4. Gradually pull out the wires from the scooter body, and unfasten the wires until you can take the back wheel out.

    For your reference, watch the tutorial video below

    Assemble the motor

    Here are the steps to install the motor of A6 electric scooter.

    1. Place the motor into the groove of the rear wheel, please pay attention to the position of the gasket.

    2. After snapping into the groove, install the nut to fix it and then further secure it by using a wrench.

    3. Comb the wires that come with the motor, pass it through the wire holes, then use a cable organizer to organize and secure the scattered wires.  Then pass the wires through the wire holes, install and fix the cable organizer with the wire holes on the bottom of the scooter. 

    4. Go to the the other side, use glue to secure the wires. 

    5. Connect the wires to the other ends, make sure the color at both ends, the line sequence and the Pins are the same.

    6. Turn on the scooter and test it, make sure it is working normally.

    7. Install the battery cover, make sure it is in right position.

    8. Install screws to secure it. install the body cover and secure it with screws in sequence. And then install the anti-slip mat.

    The followed installation video is for your reference.

    Disassemble the battery

    1. Remove the anti-slip mat. Use tool to gradually remove the fixing screws on the body cover.

    2. After taking off the cover, continue to remove the retaining screws. and gently take off the battery cover. 

    3. Use scissors to cut off the cable ties, be careful not to cut the wires.

    4. Gently unplug the connector between the battery and power system. Then take off the controller.

    5. Use the heat gun to release the fixed state of the battery and the scooter body, and then remove the battery.

    Watch the instruction video below.


    Please stay tune for more updates!


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