A New Way To Play With Hoverboards--Go Kart Conversion Kit

Today’s roads are not only dominated by traditional vehicles such as cars, bicycles, and electric vehicles. Between the flow of traffic, there are also electric scooters, motorcycles, and hoverboards from time to time. But if you think that the hoverboard has only one way to play, then you are wrong! All short-distance transportation tools have a variety of different ways to play, bringing more fun to you and your family. Let's learn more about the hoverboard in this article.


How does Hoverboard stand?


As long as the driver changes the angle of his body to lean forward or backward, the balance board will advance or retreat according to the direction of the tilt, and the speed is proportional to the degree of the driver's body tilt. In principle, as long as the hoverboard is properly powered on and can maintain sufficient power to operate, the people who stand in it do not have to worry about the possibility of tripping and falling. This is very different from vehicles such as scooters that generally require the driver to balance.


Move your body with Megawheels Hoverboard


Although hoverboard riding only needs to control the center of gravity of the body, it is necessary to maintain the integrity of the body to achieve a stable grasp of the center of gravity, so long-term riding still has a good exercise effect. Riding a balance bike can not only relax the muscles of the shoulders, spine, and other parts, and make slight corrections to them; it can also consume considerable calories. If you go straight for 30 minutes, you can consume an average of 285 calories. Take Megawheels hoverboard and move your body with your family!


A new way to Play with Megawheels Hoverboard


We all know that a car can be used to transform and upgrade its performance to become more powerful, but it is rarely heard that a balance board can also do the same, right? Then you may not know the balance board well. You can get a better experience with the hoverboard after modification. Since the balance scooter's modified accessories went on the market, it has been warmly welcomed by many balance scooter players, collide with different sparks.


It is the responsibility of parents to play more with their children, but not all parents are happy to enjoy their parent-child time. This is because they may choose the wrong parent-child activities and are only accompanying the children, not playing with them. Some people say that a hoverboard is a toy for young people, actually, a balance board can also be a common toy for parents and children.


The product we introduced today is a modification kit of Megawheels balance scooter, which is incredible for interacting with your family!


Today's Go-Kart Conversion Kit is mainly an add-on product that fits the Megawheels balance scooter to make it more interesting. Many people should have played things like karts, even if you haven't played them, you must have seen similar game experiences and generally this is a very good experience. Then if it can turn our hoverboard into a kart, which is definitely a very good idea. You can enjoy double happiness.


Megawheels Go Kart Conversion Kit For Hoverboards


More fun and safer - Megawheels has improved the original hoverboard in two important ways. First of all, it is more interesting and easier to learn. With this kit, your hoverboard becomes a kart! More importantly, Megawheels makes Hoverboards safer! No longer overflow and fall from an unstable standing position. Whether you are an adult or a child, as long as you install this kit, it can be safer and more enjoyable to experience the sense of technology brought to you by Megawheels hoverboard!


Easy to install - thanks to upgraded materials, the kart kit is strong, reliable, and durable, with a maximum load of 220 pounds. weight. Almost fully assembled and modular design allows you to complete the installation in 15 minutes.


Adjustable and fully controllable - unique handle control design, as long as you push forward or pull back at the same time, you can move forward or backward. When turning, the left and right handles control each side wheel separately, which can realize in-situ rotation and flexible tail flicking. Come full of driving fun, let you experience the thrill of drifting.


Comfortable to sit - The ergonomic seat is both reliable and comfortable. Megawheels allow you to have a comfortable sitting position and always maintain a perfect balance.




Sit on the Megawheels hoverboard and experience some sports with your child. These experiences are good for children's physical and mental health and make your child have a stronger sense of partnership. The most important thing is playing with your child can get you and her/him closer! These precious experiences will make both of you grow up. This will also be the most precious memory of a child's childhood!

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