Kukudel 856 Electric Scooter

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1.The Kukudel 856 electric scooter carries 8.5" inflatable wheels;
2.The electric scooter has a 7.5/10AH battery, supports an up to 35km range;
3.The electric scooter packs a 350W brushless motor, the top speed can be 25km/h;
4.The electric scooter supports 2 speed modes, Front hub brake and rear electronic brake;

Product material: Aluminium Alloy
Net weight: 16kg
Max loading: 100kg
Wheel: 8.5" honeycomb wheels
Battery: 7.5Ah/10Ah battery
Range: 22-26km (29-35km)
Max speed: 25km/h
Motor: 36V, 500W brushless motor
Charging time: 4-6 hours
Light system: LED headlight, LED taillight
Brake type: Front wheel hub brake, rear electronic brake
Carbon dimension: 114.5×21.5×48.5cm;