Hoverboard Kart Kit

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Go Kart For Hoverboards!

The hoverboard kart seat attachment, Go kart conversion kit is safe, convenient to bind to the 6.5", 8", 10" self balancing scooter and have great fun to ride it with the hoverboard. It is a good companion with the smart hover board.

  • The go kart for hoverboard is available at the DE warehouse.
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  • The estimated delivery time is only 2 to 7 days.
  • The product supports manufacturer warranty.


  • More Fun & Safer - Megawheels improves on the original hoverboard in two important ways. Firstly its way more fun and easier to learn. With this kit your hoverboard becomes a go kart! More importantly Megawheels makes Hoverboards safer! No more spills and falls from the unstable standing position. Megawheels allows you to have a comfortable seated position allowing for perfect balance at all times
  • Easy To Install - Benefited from upgraded materials, the kart kit is solid, reliable and durable up to 220lbs max. weight. Almost fully assembly and modular design allow you to install within 15mins.
  • Adjustable&Full Control - Ergonomic seats are both reliability and comfort. Padded foam handle bars allow full control to start, stop and perform 360° turns with ease.

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