Kugoo G-Booster Elektroroller

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1. Der Elektroroller Kugoo G-Booster verfügt über eine 23-Ah-Batterie und unterstützt eine Reichweite von 80 km.
2. Der Elektroroller verfügt über zwei 800-W-Motoren, die Höchstgeschwindigkeit kann 55 km / h betragen.
3.Der Elektroroller G-Booster unterstützt 3 Gänge: 18-38-55 km/h
4. Der E-Scooter trägt einen 10-Zoll-Luftreifen mit Doppelbremse und LED-Anzeige.

Produktmaterial: Aluminiumlegierung
Nettogewicht: 30kg
Maximale Belastung: 120 kg
Rad: 10" Luftreifen
Batterie: 23Ah-Batterie
Reichweite: 80 km
Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 55 km/h
Motor: 48 V, 800 W * 2
Ladezeit: 10 Stunden
Scheinwerfer: Heller LED-Scheinwerfer
Bremstyp: Elektronische Bremse, Scheibenbremse
Kohlenstoffabmessung: 120 * 26 * 118 cm


1.The Kugoo G-Booster electric scooter carries a 23Ah battery, supports a range of 80km;
2.The electric scooter packs Dual 800W motors, the top speed can be 55km/h;
3.The G-Booster electric scooter supports 3 gears: 18-38-55km/h
4.The e-scooter carries 10" pneumatic tire, with dual brake and LED display.

Main Features

Product material: Aluminum alloy
Net weight: 30kg
Max loading: 120kg
Wheel: 10" pneumatic tire
Battery: 23Ah battery
Max speed: 55km/h
Motor: 48V, 800W*2
Charging time: 10 hours
Headlight: Bright LED headlight
Brake type: Electronic brake, disc brake
Carbon dimension: 120*26*118cm


Fulfillment time: 1-2 business days

1. Poland warehouse -ship to the European countries, include Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Czech, Hungary, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Slovenia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Portugal, Romania.

2. Shipping method: DHL, DPD

10" Solid Tires

The front and back pneumatic tires are made with non-slip material that allows for muti-terrain riding.

800W Dual Motors

The G-Booster has 2 powerful motors that produce an output of 800W and supports 55km/h max speed.

Disc Brake

The front and back disc brake offer an extra controlled riding for you.

LCD Display

The smart multi-function LCD display shows us with battery status, speed, speed mode and travel record.

2 Bright LED Headlight

The electric scooter carries 2 big and bright LED headlights that can make you ride safely at night.