8.5" Hoverboard X2 (Red)

Go Your Own Way!

Oversized off-road wheels

with more power to roll over, off,

and through all kinds of terrain!

Forceful 350W Dual Motors

The motors help it climb slopes as steep as 25 degree and last over 20km range on a single charge.

Much Larger, Beefier 8.5" Tires

With wheels of special concave-convex texture, the hoverboard has great road holding ability and damping capacity, which promise having excellent adaptability on all pavements.

  • Muddy road

  • Rough ground

  • Slope pavement

  • Damping belt

  • Gravel pavement

Design Details

Concealed charging port, power button

Fault indicator, battery indicator LED light

Solid splasher

Build-in Carrying Handle

It is very convenient to take it when unable to ride

Quadruple intelligent protection
to keep safe

  • Speed Limit 


  • Auto Hibernate 


  • Low battery 


  • Prevent tilt 


Main Parameters

  • 8.5" Tires

  • Dual 350W Power

  • 4000mAh Battery

  • 11cm Ride Height

  • 13kg G.W.

  • 775*285*315mm

  • 15km/h Max Speed

  • 25° Gradeability

  • 130kg Max Loading

  • 20km Range

  • 3 Hours Charging

  • Battery Reminder LED

Spider-man Appearance

Enjoy the unique and funny time!