E-Bike EB01 (Black)

E-Bike EB01

The EB01 is a foldable electric bike, which is

not only a perfect vehicle to ride in the city

but in village, on beach, mountain etc.

Easy to Fold & Space Saving

The main body, handle bars and pedals are very easy and convenient to fold, it is much space saving, so you can carry it to bus, train and subway.

Three Riding Modes

The EB01 supports 3 modes of power: Electric, assistance and riding mode, each mode can reach to different ranges.

The pure electric power has 20km max mileage, while the assistance power has a range from 35-40km.

Handlebar, LCD Display and Throttle

Handlebar height adjustable, from the handle bars you can check battery life, turn on the headlight,

honk the horn, accelerate and brake.

Dual Brake System

Front & real wheels disc brakes, work for quick and stable stopping power.

Adjustable Saddle, Brake Light

The height of saddle is adjustable, so it fits for riders with different stature.

It also features the brake reflector under saddle to increase your visibility while traveling at night or on busy street.

36V Lithium-ion Battery

Using a high-capacity 36V lithium-ion battery, the EB01 zooms through your neighborhood at 15 m/h, the battery lasts for up to 12 miles and recharge in as short as 3 hours making the electric bicycle perfect for daily commutes and spontaneous adventures.

LED headlight

Lights up the road ahead so you can avoid obstacles

Zero-emissions, ECO-Friendly

This compact electric bike offers the perfect zero-emissions solution for your commute across campus to class or across town to work.  We love the rider-friendly features like controls situated conveniently at the handlebars so you can accelerate, brake, check battery status and turn on the lights with ease.